If a house is too big, it also means that it is expensive. Moreover, the construction as well as the later maintenance of a bigger house put a greater load on the environment. If a house is too small, you are forced to make compromises which may turn out to be too big later. What is the ideal size? The concept of Égigérő Houses seeks to give an answer to this question. (Égigérő means ’the one who reaches the sky’.) As for the floor area, these houses are more compact than traditional houses, but provide more comfort than tiny houses. They offer a solution for practical, well-managable and widely accessible homes.

Each Égigérő House has a core consisting of a kitchen and a living room. All supplementary functions and transitional spaces are arranged around this core. You are free to decide on the size of the community spaces, the number of rooms, whether you want a hobby room, a garage, a small glasshouse, or a storage room for the garden. In every case, individual plans are born based on individual requests – including the „clothing”: the outer coating is elective, too.

If you appreciate the philosophy of sustainability, tradition and if you are ready to face today’s challenges, moreover, if you are reluctant to spend more money than necessary during construction, the concept of customized Égigérő Houses may provide a reassuring solution to you.

DATE: 2020
CLIENT: Who know that less is more