Frigyes Bott manufactures wines with an unique philosophy: he lets Nature do its work, since Nature knows it better… He makes very little intervention in the creation of his wines – he is more like a curator standing guard over the process.

This outstanding winemaker with genuine humbleness commissioned me to design a house of a simple, modest and natural kind.

The new wine pansion is being built for his guests visiting the Danube’s shore in Dunaradvány to taste his justly renowned and celebrated wines.

The building consists of two parts. The T-shaped wing with a traditional mass was created by the reconstruction of a former summer residence and is meant to serve as home to the multigenerational winemaker family.

The new wing includes guest rooms, a shop and a catering room. The small hall overlooking the Danube and the open-air terrace are suitable for hosting groups of various sizes.

The simple structure and parallel alignment of the new part was inspired by the orderly lines of grapevines. The building, situated between the road and the river bank, has a glass-roofed corridor framed by a wooden colonnade. It similarly evokes the vineyards of the Muzsla hills in visitors while leading them to the steps running down to the river.

DATE: 2020
CLIENT: Frigyes Bott